• 5/4 - Nashville, TN (GOT)
  • 5/18 - Miami, FL (GOI)
  • 5/21 - Miami, FL (GFT)
  • 6/15 - La Crosse, WI (GOT)
  • 6/22 - Provo, UT (GOT)
  • 7/1 - Provo, UT (GFT)
  • 7/6 - Sacramento, CA (GOT)
  • 7/13 - Bensalem, PA (GOT)
  • 7/20 - Atlanta, GA (GOT)
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More Information

Prevent Kids From Gang-Joining: NIJ & CDC Release Book

The National Institute of Justice and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention co-published a book called Changing Course: Preventing Gang Membership. The book explores why kids are attracted to gangs, developmental factors in gang-joining, and what law enforcement, communities, schools, and families can do to prevent kids from joining gangs. The book also highlights the current knowledge about gang-joining, evidence-based programs, and how policy makers and public health officials can use this knowledge to make decisions about gang-prevention programs and strategies. Chapter 11 addresses how the G.R.E.A.T. Program can play a vital role in an overall gang-prevention strategy.

To read the full text or an executive summary of Changing Course: Preventing Gang Membership, please visit http://www.nij.gov/changing-course.

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